Syrup and Lightbulbs EP

by Pathos Departure

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Debut first release from Pathos Departure. Five tracks of in-your-face metal for FREE! Rip it, steal it, burn it, give it away to all your friends!


released March 10, 2012

Pathos Departure



all rights reserved


Pathos Departure Conneaut, Ohio

Screw a long boring story about how we met or what we're trying to accomplish. Let's get stupid and fuck shit up! We're from the streets of C-town, Conneaut not Cleveland, so you know we bring it hard as hell. Just remember, breakdowns suck...fucking hit someone! ... more

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Track Name: Kinga Tha City
I am, I am dead inside, A faint heart beat, The only evidence of life, What the fuck, Have i become, A hardened shell, A hollowed man, My decayed withered remains have slowly rotted away, Nothing but a empty emotionless carcass remains, This world renounced, Ive accepted my fate, Remorse never again, Forgiveness is a fallacy, Mercy is for the weak, my once blind eyes can finally see, The truth through all the shit im fucking free, You cant save me, I have no soul to steal, Vengeance now flows through my veins, Im growing colder with every breath, Nothing remains, A lack of tolerance for the human race has left me an outcast, The fucking beast that now grows inside can no longer just lay dormant, This is the, The beginning of the end, No tolerance, Its time to kill, Your as good as dead, No longer able to contain myself, I am, I am nothing in comparison, To who i used to be, The mindless puppet is fucking dead, From my shallow grave ive risen, Brought back to life with hatred in my eyes, Now i can see the weakness growing inside of man, I see their weakness, I see your failure, Ive chosen my own path, Created my own fate, Forgiveness is a fallacy, Mercy is for the weak, My once blind eyes can finally see, The truth through all the shit im fucking free
Track Name: Take A Breath
Track Name: Righteous Coward
How can you turn your cheek and look away?
Righteous coward.
Spewing lies of grace for all, through your clenched teeth.
What makes me lesser?
Preach upon your pedestal,
Justifying your place upon above me.
Ameer unworthy sinner destined for damnation,
While you believe your faith brings eternity.
How can you blindly base your life?
Yet discredit my beliefs are my own.
How can you so strongly voice an opinion,
That is not your own,
Without ever taking a second look at your reflection?
Are you scared to gaze into the mirror and find out you're a lie?
That you were too busy finding faults in others to realize.
How can you turn your back and simply walk away?
Righteous coward.
Demanding repentance while hiding in your shame.
You speak of faith and grace, hope, forgiveness, mercy.
Yet you don't know their meaning.
Recognition, the only motive for your deeds.
Pray, pray when your god seeks judgement.
He'll wash away all impurity.
Pray, pray that your meaningless,
Hollow faith in nothing shall miraculously save.
Track Name: Whose Torso Is This?
Peel back the veil of flesh to see what's hiding behind the curtains,
Drawn so tight over a black hole,
Fascinated with anatomy, incisions spreading like an infectious cancer.
The way the cloth stretches over the manikin's human-like lifeless torso,
Muscle fibers, tendons twitching, arteries and veins exposed.
Hacking, tearing, severing tissue, push my fist in,
Slide the organs through my fingers, clenching on your innards.
I feel like a God when I'm inside you,
To feel life's warmth on my fingertips,
Nervous twitches caress my palm,
Palpitations of a lifeless heart,
Slide my hand down the inner lining of the rib cage,
Feel each individual rib pass over my skin,
Sending jolts of pleasure through my bones.
I become aroused.
The moist puss-covered organs still warm,
Swallow me within their mass, penetrating until the spine.
Fornicating with the dead I feel so alive.
I feel so alive, I feel like a god when I'm inside you.
Track Name: Waffles
Suck me dry til you've had your fill.
You're, you're just a liar.
Deceiver, serpent tongue.
I, I am not your host.
You're a parasite feeding off the life of all who are near.
You're just an infection.
A fucking disease.
You're just an infection.
You've filled yourself, now eat no more.
You're the fucking sickness, spreading through this disgusting world.
Die, why won't you die? Kill yourself.
Save the world from your disgust.
Die, why won't you die? Kill yourself.
You are just a lonely leach.
A pitiful, pathetic attempt at a human being.
You're pathetic.
A waste of air and a waste of time.
You're, you're an insect.
A fucking fly on a piece of shit.
I, I am not your host.
I am not your fucking host.
If you must feed.
Get on your knees.
Take a 12 gauge load to your face.
Sickened by your sight (2x)
I would rather die than spend one day with you in my fucking life.